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Due to the fact that a lot of the content has been selling before the daily email is sent, I will now be tweeting when content is going up on the site for sale. If you would like to know when it is going up, follow foodblogcontent on Twitter.

NOTE: All new semi exclusive content will come with a unique horizontal AND vertical shot!

We’re Jen and Mike from In addition to running the website, we also produce content for other bloggers. All content is delivered through Google Drive, and is immediately available for download after purchase. Please be sure to download all content within 72 hours. After that time it may be deleted.

For bloggers who don’t need as many pictures or exclusive recipes, I have semi-exclusive content. These all have an exclusive ingredient, preparation and final shot. The recipe is not exclusive. I make the product one time and shoot unique shots for multiple bloggers. No one else will get your same images!

Finally, I have added non-exclusive content. This content is something that there is just no good way to shoot multiple times and make it semi-exclusive, yet it is something that a lot of bloggers might want to post about. Many of these are common items like spice blends, basic doughs, simple DIY items, etc.  With these, I provide a set of full size images (typically 3456 x 5164) that you can modify, crop and manipulate without worrying about is it public domain or exactly what rights do I have if I use it. You also get the ingredients and directions on how to make it.  With these, the pictures are not unique to the buyer, they are they same ones that others will get if they buy, but the cost is much lower. We have decided to limit the number of times we sell non-exclusive to 20, just to make sure there isn’t too much out there. Also, we have decided that, moving forward, we ask that you limit the number of final shots you are using to 2. This will permit us to add content in this category with a variety of final pic choices that will give the buyer maximum selection without worrying that it is out there too much.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT POST THE CONTENT FOR AT LEAST ONE HOUR. If multiple people put the same item in their cart and begin checkout before anyone has completed the purchase of that item in Paypal, the system can let multiple people purchase the same item. As soon as I see this happen, I refund and email any buyers who were not first. I am currently looking for a new plugin that can solve this issue and I apologize for the inconvenience. This situation typically only happens on popular items just after I send out New Content emails. The other alternative would be to remove the automatic download and manually send these out after the fact, and I would hate to do this for the few times this happens.

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